Everything About Liz

Liz is part designer, part educator, and full-time dog owner.

Liz is Vice President of Design for NPR, overseeing and guiding both the visual and user experience across NPR-branded digital platforms and content. She is chair and co-founder of the MFA in Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts. She is advisor to startups, nonprofits, global companies, and lecturer. She has written for design-minded publications, including Eye Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Interactions Magazine, and writes part of her time here, at bobulate.com.

Previously, Liz was an independent consultant, working with businesses on design, planning, and execution of short- and long-term digital programs for global companies and nonprofit organizations. In her practice, she cultivated design and user-centered programs through collaborative methods in education, in digital design, and in technology to foster positive change. Collaborators have included Teach for All, The New York Times, This American Life, and the TED Prize.

Liz is proud to be on the advisory boards for initiatives that bolster design and technology, including R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator, NEA Studio, and the Austin Center for Design.


“Bobulate” comes from an email exchange Liz had with a friend which tracked lists of words that sounded better without their prefixes and/or suffixes. The original list didn’t live on, but the name did. Standing for “intentional organization;” to be thrown into order, as if against one’s will, if it were a real word, it would mean the opposite of “discombobulated.”

Inquiries via:
136 W 21 Street
Floor 3
New York 10011


The lovely typeface is Skolar, which was designed by David Březina and is distributed by TypeTogether. It was designed with “scholarly and multilingual publications in mind. It incorporates a subtle personal style, neither neutral nor conspicuous,” exactly what Bobulate portends to do. The illustration of the red dog in the logo mark stands in for Liz’s first vizsla, Lucy.

The simple and clean site design was masterfully done by Liz’s close friend Jason Santa Maria. He is truly a professional. The Evening Edition of the site owes thanks to the industrious work of the superlative Dan Mall and Jason Santa Maria for their allegiance to detail and devotion to craft. The site was moved in one swift motion by the talented Chris Lea. Without the grace of Typekit, the ease of use of Tumblr, and the speed and customer service of Media Temple the site wouldn’t have come together at all.