Image of the future

Image of the future

Raul Gutierrez on the future:

The future is close.

The future is when you finish these words.

The future is far.

The future is when the stars die a million million years from now and everything is so cold.

Sometimes when you’re waiting for your birthday or Christmas or some special secret thing, the future seems like forever.

A long time ago, today was the future.

A long time ago they thought we would have floating sidewalks and flying cars and everything would be automatic.

(Automatic was a big part of the future for those guys.)

They thought the future would always be beatiful.

They wrote “We want no part in the past.”

Funny it was so very long ago.

Some day, a long time from today, we’ll all be old and we’ll remember lying here talking about the future and we’ll laugh about everything we did not know.

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In between speeding through to-do lists, checking things off, counting hours until we go home, spending days rather than living them, we can swerve to note: a long time ago — even just yesterday — today was the future.