Itself the revelation

Itself the revelation

I’ve become very interested in making a whole object. And providing a window into a memory and a time or a place where I like to be.

That’s Eric Cahan, photographer of “equal parts flat color and limitless space.” Or, skies:

The photos were taken at either sunrise or sunset at bodies of water in California, Florida, and New York. The process of finding the right shades to bring out the sublime in nature is “very intuitive – the moment I see it, I feel the color that needs to be highlighted, that wants to emerge.”

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Cahan’s most recently work has actually been influenced by James Turrell’s famous project over at the Crater, and as Turrell stated, Cahan also believes:

[L]ight is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.


[Image: Dune Road, Southampton, NY, Sunset 7:33pm]