On the value of leftovers

James Carr — similar but never as famous as Otis Redding — in the mid ‘60s, sang songs of desperation:

[N]ot like his life depended on them, but like what his life depended on was gone and these songs were what was left.

I’ll be happy when it’s Friday.” “I can’t wait until this week is over.” “If I can only make it until the end of today…” We strive for strikethoughs. Not valuing what’s in the moment, we’re getting-it-over-with focused. Check.

Speeding through weeks, we value the was, the has been, the done. Crossed-out to-do items, checked-off items — our organizers of progress — demonstrate that what’s passed gives us more currency in the future. But what about what’s left over?

As we end what’s passed, celebrate what’s gone then look at what’s left over. Most often, it’s more sparkling than what had been.