The Manual movement

The Manual movement

Only two short days left to help support The Manual, a sparkling, new journal that examines design on the web – in print.


A wave of energy is quietly moving through the community of those who take interactive design seriously: popping up at conferences, in tweets and blog posts and in adrenalized chats over beer when we gather. As one of these people, you are The Manual’s perfect reader — or one of its future contributors. The Manual chronicles our growing movement, archiving the insights of our best thinkers and writers, as we define a more mature understanding of this serious new discipline and more effectively tell the story of our work. Putting ink to paper crystallizes reasoning.

And importantly:

The physicality of The Manual has a purpose. Where do we find our true inspiration? Not in the distracting devices we stare at or peck at with our thumbs. It comes when we step away from technology and, instead, reflect. Walk away, The Manual in hand; read it at the park, by the river, in a pub, over coffee.

Frank furthers the why:

It’s no longer only about making things for a network of computers: it’s about making things for the fabric that connects all of us. It’s not bits and bytes, it’s people and places. It’s not eyeballs, it’s faces. This is serious, and this is inspiring. Never before at any point in history has the potential impact of an individual following a desire path been so … incredible. The web is growing and maturing. The edges are moving further out. We are in the prime of the network, and as a mature practice, we need a home for mature discourse. The Manual strives to be that.

The first issue this summer will launch with six substantial, beautifully illustrated features from Simon Collison, Frank Chimero, Dan Rubin, Jon Tan, the Web Standardistas, and me (!).

Mirroring our own desire paths, The Manual is a beautiful start. Might you help?