The museum of possibilities

The museum of possibilities

Melissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos provoke, “how to inspire people to give their heart-felt vision of a new public space?” The result:

The ‘Museum of Possibilities’ was created for one day during Montréal’s city-wide open day for Museums. Members of the public could pick up a piece of paper and write down what they would like to have happen in that space in the future. Visitors entered the field of balloons to add an ‘entry’ to the museum of possible things which might happen on site. People also received a set of stickers so they could wander through the Museum of Possibilities and add a vote of approval for possible future events. This voting helped to turn ‘possibilities’ into probabilities and gave the client concrete data on public interest.

Wow. Predesirepaths.


Museum of Possibilities, photo credit: Varial.