Threat of life

Threat of life

The 1970s photographs of Anthony Hernandez capture stories largely ignored otherwise, people who ride buses in an auto-dominated culture:

“To me it’s not unpleasant or unbeautiful, it’s just life—which has to be threatening sometimes if it is going to be interesting.” —Anthony Hernandez

There is a quiet dignity in the simplicity of his black and white depictions, a dignity which does not mask but which makes the viewer work and think to see the bigger urban picture. Perhaps it is this work that is critical in avoiding the pitfalls of exploitative urban art — much like in cities, good work is a collaborative effort between the artist and viewer, or between the city and its citizen.

They duly make time stand still and collapse upon itself. Go see for yourself.

Anthony Hernandez, “Vermont Ave & Wishire Blvd,” 1979