The secret of “Doing”

The secret of “Doing”

The Do Lectures blog presents “The Path of a Doer,” a pocket guide to helping you to achieve more, to help you understand the ebb and flow of making something happen:

Each of us is given the same number of hours every day, but some people make more things happen in the same time. Why is that? Well, they have learnt an important, and yet mostly untaught, life skill. They have learnt how to go from “talk” to “action.” They have discovered the secret of “Doing.” And yet, becoming a Doer is simple enough. It is a habit that we can all acquire.

Some favorites:

  • Set yourself a goal. (you can’t score unless you have one)
  • Set yourself a deadline. (don’t make it too easy, a crazy deadline can help)
  • A little can do a lot. (especially, if repeated, if repeated, if…)
  • Tell the world what you’re doing.
  • Tell the world why you are doing it. (even if they don’t get it, tell them anyway)
  • And tell them your crazy deadline. (let them feel your urgency)

But they only make sense if you flip through the entire book (PDF). In fact, head over to pick up a copy. Now, off to work on that book I’m aiming to finish by March.

[Image: “You’re a doer.”]