Optimized for the tribe

Optimized for the tribe

Seth Godin announces The Domino Project:

We are reinventing what it means to be a publisher, and along the way, spreading ideas that we’re proud to spread.


Our goal is to offer ideas that people need and want to spread, to enjoy and to hold and to own, and to change conversations.


The Domino Project is named for the domino effect — ideas can quickly spread, moving through a previously static set up. Our mission isn’t to become a promotional machine, focused on interrupting large numbers of people or having significant promotional chops through traditional media. Instead, we’re grabbing the opportunity to choose and deliver manifestos that are optimized for the tribe, for the small group that wants to grab them, inhale them and spread them. The good ones will spread, first from person to person, then from one circle to another, and eventually into large groups.


The initial slate of books are called manifestos, and they are designed to be short and approachable by the majority of the population that doesn’t ordinarily seek out books as a source for information. Beyond that, there are opportunities for both new and more traditional formats, including many that would have trouble finding shelf space in a traditional store. There will be surprises. Promise.

Don’t miss them.