Full frontal support

Full frontal support

To love boobs is to love life, and to love life is to hate cancer,” Jeffrey Zeldman says of today’s Layer Tennis match. And it’s in that spirit that today’s match between Jennifer Daniel and Mike Monteiro is giving proceeds to The American Cancer Society:

What a pair! In the East, Daniel, fresh from recent triumphs at The New York Times, GOOD, and Latina Magazine, where her “Breast Test” was a much admired feature. (Alas, there is no URL for the latter, perhaps because Jennifer used up all the letters for her website, http://httpcolonforwardslashforwardslashwwwdotjenniferdanieldotcom.com/.)


Use the handy rotating breast test illustration banner to give to The American Cancer Society during today’s match, then tweet you did with #LYT. You’ll be making a difference.

No matter where you are, this is not to be missed. And make sure to do what you can to help out.