Masstransiscope again

Masstransiscope again

Bill Brand’s 1980 subway art, designed to be viewed from a moving subway, was recently restored:

Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope was installed in the abandoned Myrtle Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, New York in September 1980. It has been seen by millions of commuters for over twenty-five years. The 228 hand-painted panels are viewed through a series of vertical slits set into a specially constructed housing. The piece works on the principle of the Zoetrope, a 19th century optical toy.

Bill Brand on the origin:

You look out the window and you see the trains passing by and it’s flickering. It looks like a movie all the time. So I thought you could reverse that process. Instead of having the film go through the projector, you could move the audience past the film.

And for price of a subway ride (on the B/Q only), you’re part of it too.