Language mapping

Language mapping

The work of artist Leora Lutz deals with language and the landscape:

I am particularly fascinated with ephemeral and invisible lines,
whether man-made or natural. They reveal secrets of how we interact
with our surroundings or how we communicate with each other:
plane flights that eventually end at a destination,
words that disappear into the void of hearing,
gun shots that travel unseen until impact,
the melting of ice to create a small pool,
a fable gone wrong,
life and death,
a memory.

Most recently she traced the “flight path” of a single word at a time with line drawings:

The word strata was translated into a flight path drawing that is sewn onto the canvas. Each locations coordinates used to calculate the path begin with the letters s-t-r-a-t-a.

If you look to the very bottom of each, you’ll see the atlas lists that generate the flight paths are sewn onto the bottom of each painting. Don’t miss the details of mapping language at large, or small.