Empowering superheroes

Empowering superheroes

Diana Rhoten on how Startl is doing for the field of learning innovations what Robert Redford did for the independent film community in the 1980s:

Through its film festival, [Sundance] became the tastemaker for and broker of cutting-edge products. Startl is creating a variety of events to showcase the products and companies coming through Startl and to introduce these new entrepreneurs and innovators to investors.

And, through its channel, Sundance established new distribution pathways, initially to reach underserved markets and ultimately to take the independent film sector from the fringe to the mainstream. This will be an emphasis of Startl’s work going forward, trying to create new testing, marketing, and distribution pathways to get these new products into the hands of learners.

As Geoff Canada has said: “If you want to change public education, you have to do something that feels like a threat to the status quo. … There is no Superman coming … All they have is us.”

We agree. And, so at Startl, we are not waiting for Superman to save our schools. Instead, through our programs, events, and channels we are empowering Superheroes to re-design the face and the future of learning.

One of the many talks at what seems to have been an incomparable event over at the CUSP Conference.