Cats in real life

Cats in real life

Mother explains the release of 100 house cats into an IKEA UK store:

I guess we thought, let’s do an experiment. Let’s take a hundred cats, release them in IKEA. And let’s actually do it for real at night when the store is closed and let’s see what happens.

Whatever you think of cats and flat-packed furniture, the final video is splendid, showing this kind of unfettered curiosity. Ingrid Fetell explains:

[I]t feels spontaneous because these are real cats, untrained, and you can sense their genuine curiosity as they poke through the textiles and drawers and lampshades. I have to say, it’s not unlike how I feel when I first get to IKEA (before the maze has beaten me down) — energized and curious about what I might find. It’s nice that they kept in one of the little fights, because that’s part of a happy home life too — it’s not all dancing and cuddles and naps on the sofa.

The making-of video is just as splendid. Now if only we could be so lucky when making the furniture itself.