Potluck across America

Potluck across America

Robert DuBois and Aaron Zueck are potlucking across America to capture stories of the Local Food Movement:

The idea is to bring people together to talk about food, over food, in their communities. We hope that folks will make some new connections, share some new ideas, and either start or continue to take action around food — whether it’s organizing another potluck, planting a few tomatoes, working to legalize chickens in their city, or creating a local food distribution system.

And there are videos:

We hope these videos will paint a picture of what’s happening on the grassroots level of the Local Food movement, and inspire folks to start something in their home or community.

By the way:

It’s Bikeloc, pronounced “bikeluck” — that is, one part bike, one part local, and one part potluck.

Best of luck Robert and Aaron! Help them out if you can.