Fashion entrepreneurism

Fashion entrepreneurism

Chris Wallace asks what made Scott Sternberg, a 20-something with no background in clothing design, create not just a viable business, but a runaway fashion success:

The first step, Sternberg says, was honing the vision. “It was about being specific. I had such limited resources and such limited knowledge of how to make clothes. So I made what felt right and felt like something I would want—which were shirts and ties at the time — that I could make at the level that I would find that the price and the product would align. It’s a wonderful industry for an entrepreneur who is creative and can make things.”

She was a style trailblazer … [I]f you ask my Grandma about it she likes to point out the fact that she’s at least drinking milk so no one gets the impression she’s as bad as she looks.”Scott Schuman

And seasons provide natural design constraints:

There’s a product delivery cycle that’s set. You’re gonna deliver Spring at a certain time, you’re gonna deliver Fall at a certain time. You’re going to show at these times — you fall into the groove of that. That structure is liberating. It’s challenging and it never stops but it allows you to fail because there is always another season.

It’s always spring somewhere.