City by wheels

City by wheels

David Beillo asks, are modern cities for people or for cars?

As more people move to cities and gain the economic wherewithal to purchase an automobile, will we be increasingly dependent on cars for our transportation and status symbols?

Then luckily:

A new thought experiment on display at the Center for Architecture in New York City offers an alternative vision for the cities of 2030. By that time, more than 60 percent of humanity — five billion people — may live in cities.

But also:

Some form of the automobile will likely be around in 2030, but that doesn’t mean we have to build our cities for its comfort instead of ours.

While I’ll never be able to give up devotion for my favorite automobile, I am banning the subway these days on my commute, trading it for a picture-view window instead. It’s the future, or as we commonly call it, the bus between Brooklyn and Manhattan.