Team USA

Team USA

This morning I have the honor of participating in the third-annual FullCodePress in Wellington, New Zealand:

In essence it’s a geek Olympics! The concept is simple. Web teams take each other on, at the same location, to build a complete website in 24 hours.

We have a number of generous people here from the SVA faculty (and friends of SVA) who’ve come out to do this with us, not to mention the other teams. (Thanks all!)

We won’t know who we’ll be building the website for until a briefing in a few hours. We’re given content, perhaps some images, and a briefing from the client of the chosen charity. We have complete freedom as to the platform, setup, and structure. At the end of the 24 hours, a team of judges review both sites and select a winner.

Needless to say, all will be quiet here for the next few days. Meantime, follow us on Twitter, or keep track of us over the next 24 hours. Wish us luck!