I’m thrilled to announce that this week I’m a special guest in Creative Waves COTEN, a seven week collaborative project researching service design and its role in higher education:

The Creative Waves COTEN – Service Designing Education project builds upon over a decade of successful online creative collaborations bringing together world renown designers and thinkers together with students, experts, practitioners and academics from all over the world.

This is critical because:

Over the past decade a great deal of attention has been paid to the structure, nature and design of the school curriculum across many countries. In many cases the results have been less than inspiring, if not deeply damaging, especially in the area of the arts. Yet there have been some bright lights, such as Sir Ken Robinson and others, who have passionately argued for a fundamental re-think in the way we educate our children. Whilst this is to be applauded and encouraged, much of this innovative thinking ends at the beginning of higher education. Universities and colleges are under many pressures to be run as profitable businesses, yet with a publicly funded responsibility. Additionally, they tend to be very slow to react to the massive changes sweeping through contemporary culture and, in many cases, have remained structurally the same as they were decades ago.

COTEN’s project convenors have set out to see what’s possible through this experiment. Stop by this week’s discussion on none other than improvisation and co-creation in our work, and past contributions from the masterful John Thackara, Bonfire of the Literacies, Arne Van Oosterom, Building a Culture of Trust, and more.