Underdog plants

Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti wander New York City snapping photos with their iPhone and categorizing pictures for photo books. My recent favorite:

Going through their daily digital assortment recently, the two, who own Partners & Spade, a studio and store on Great Jones Street off the Bowery in lower Manhattan, discovered that they had a collection of what might be the hardiest of urban survivors, plants that manage to struggle through cracks in the concrete and asphalt paved sidewalks and streets of Manhattan. “We think of them as underdog plants and who doesn’t love the underdog?” Sperduti asks rhetorically.


“They’re opportunistic,” [Patty Stimmel, senior horticulturist] says, meaning they saw their chance and they took it.

True citydwellers in plant format. Don’t miss the book.

[Image: Survivors of the plant world, from I Think I Can, I Think I Can]