If listening with honey can make a Scandinavian warrior great, imagine what it can do for a tiny little designer like me.

Frank Chimero’s student Sage Warner on Beowulf. She continues, “The version of Beowulf that I read in seventh grade described the hero as having honey in his veins. His greatest virtue was how, when he received his subjects in his great beerhall, he would listen to them — really listen. His eyes and ears wouldn’t leave the speaker for any distraction and they would feel the bees and sweetness and yellow sunshine bore into their soul, and they would glow with the warm, sublime knowledge that they were truly being heard. That description has always stuck with me, while the rest of the story is hazy (they wrestled in a mucky pit and someone lost an arm? Mother was pissed?) and I know the reason is stayed with me was because I wished I could be as great as Beowulf in that way.” Then Frank, “Sometimes my students write stuff and it just makes me want to run around the room and try to find someone to excitedly share it with. No one’s here in the room but me (it’s early), so I’m sharing it with you.” I, for one, am happy this once that no one was.