The Pipeline, episode 12

The Pipeline, episode 12

I have the honor of being up on The Pipeline with Dan Benjamin:

The Pipeline is an interview show with innovators, designers, geeks, newsmakers, and people who create things.

It’s coordinated by Dan on 5 by 5 Studios, etymology of:

[F]ive by five is an old-school term defined as a signal that has excellent strength and perfect clarity — the most understandable signal possible.

I do a fair amount of interviewing others, so it was even more delightful to be on the other side. He’s a true professional. I admit — and did outright to him — to trying to dissect his interview process before we talked (there isn’t one). It’s something to be experienced. That sort of natural authenticity seems to be what makes the show shine. (That, and he sometimes lets one get away with not answering his actual questions.) Thanks Dan.