The joy of walking

The joy of walking

Leo Babauta on the discoveries of walking:

Today I set out from my house and walked. And walked. I didn’t have a specific destination in mind, but wanted to walk a bit before finding a quiet place to write. So I walked, out of the town where I live and along the tropical, white-sand coastline, to the next town over. As others drove cocooned in their cars, I walked, and emitted nothing but my breath.

He later continues:

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I walked for an hour, then wrote and read, and then walked for another hour to get back home, tired but happy. I can’t walk this much every day, but I walk as much as I can, because you need nothing to walk, you spend nothing, you consume nothing, you emit nothing. And yet you have everything.

When I moved outside of Kobe, before I knew much of where anything was or many words, I would set off in a direction and walk. I would have a specific goal. “Find water.” Or, “go east.” I would learn that word, and walk as far and as specific in the direction of that thing as I could master. Surprises always revealed themselves along the way.