The joy of print

The joy of print

Dave Eggers on the calmness of print:

I like…the calmness, the authority, the curation of a daily paper, where I know I’m not going to be sent into something totally trivial and non-germane.

He offers four ideas associated with print, but readily applicable to any platform:

1. Comprehensiveness and containment
2. Length and thoughtfulness
3. Professionalism and expert curation
4. Physicality and variety

But then:

“I don’t want to read online,” Eggers said. “I don’t want to wake up and look at a screen. I feel like as a society, we try to put everything on that same goddamn screen, and pretty soon we’re going to be eating on the screen or, like, making love through the screen. It’s just sort of like: ‘Why does everything have to be on the screen?’

Some things, indeed, are not meant for the screen.