RIP: The laptop

RIP: The laptop

Amit Gupta starts saying his farewell to the laptop based on a pattern he knows well:

When you need a really great photograph you use an SLR. The rest of the time, you use a phone. The point and shoot is dying, relegated to a niche middle ground.

It’s all about to happen again, he says:

Enter the iPad. Simpler, more convenient, and for 99% of uses, good enough. See a pattern? [L]ike your cameraphone, it’s going to sneak up on you. But one day, pretty soon, you’ll realize that you haven’t used your laptop in days. That you tend to grab your iPad first whenever you need to visit a website or answer email. That your laptop never leaves you desk anymore. …. I’m calling it now: The laptop starts dying tomorrow.

I agreed then, and do now.