Making it look easy

Making it look easy

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, makes the job look easy:

“He likes to pretend that there’s no sweat,” said Malcolm Gladwell, a New Yorker staff writer and an old colleague from The Washington Post. “He cruises around and chats with people and then disappears and writes thousands of words in 15 minutes. It’s all part of that ‘making it look easy’ thing.”

He stands out in other ways:

He takes the subway to work, not a town car, and lacks the imperiousness or mercurialness that surround other celebrity editors, including his predecessor, Tina Brown. …. He tends to avoid the city’s hot restaurants, preferring Ouest, an average American bistro around the corner from his apartment.


[H]e is assiduous about sending thank-you notes to writers, “lovely thank-you notes,” Mr. Gladwell said, that make “you feel like you’re a part of something important.”