The head bump and other retail challenges

The head bump and other retail challenges

Paco Underhill shows six videos from retailers to explain how each can be used to improve their operations. One example, “The Head Bump:”

Here’s a window display where they’ve [retailers] got something in it at the wrong height, and person after person approaches the window and bumps their head on the glass.

The issue:

We’re talking about information architecture. How am I using words, text, pictures and products to be able to get people to do the things that we want them to do?

The analysis:

We don’t want people shooting themselves in the foot by putting the wrong message in physically the wrong place. That’s something that’s very easy to fix.

Ever since reading Why We Buy, I’ve been conscious of what he named the butt-brush effect. Terminology aside, he’s pretty masterful at culling insight from observation.