The color of CEOs

The color of CEOs

A 60-second color test reveals telling information about one’s personality, including that of the CEO:

[The color test] is almost entirely visual and asks people to click on colors, sometimes ordering as many as 15 colors from favorite to least favorite. The results turn out a personality profile that is far from perfect, but is proving to be as valid as more established and lengthy verbal tests such as Myers-Briggs and the Gallup StrengthsFinder.


[T]he typical CEO is more sensitive and private than the typical person and is less likely to be a perfectionist or to be dominant and more likely to be emotionally unstable. CEOs, it turns out, are not as self-assured as the public at large, and they are more cooperative and less forceful than the typical person.


[I]t’s just a matter of time before marketers will be able to target products to consumers based on color preferences.

What’s your favorite color” takes on a whole new relevance.