Points in the real world

Points in the real world

Jesse Schell, Carnegie Mellon assistant professor, in a presentation from DICE 2010 on the future of gaming and the crossover of gaming and life:

The idea of games being part of the real world is what’s taking hold: games that have you jumping around in the real world, games that have you connecting with people in the real world.


People are demanding reality, demanding authenticity. And they’re arguing that all this virtual stuff that’s been creeping up on us over the last 20 years has really cut us off from nature. We’re cut off from self-sufficiency. …. We have this hunger to get to anything that’s real. Even if the best we can do is a Starbucks Mocha with “real” swiss chocolate. We’ll take it. It’s real!

Forward to 21:00 (if you must) to hear and see his vision, starting with toothbrushing.