Nine years

Bobulate turned nine years old this week, and in celebration of its big day, I gave it an unintentional rest. The site went down for a bit. Sort of like the old days.

The original site was designed to look and sound like a wireframe, with greeked text, placeholder images, and all:

This site is intended to look and behave like a working prototype — an interactive model. You’ll find functional pages and real content: they are not, however, “designed.” You’ll see techniques used in prototyping, such as Latin used as a placeholder for text and boxes used as placeholders for graphics.

I still admire that old site concept, and it hobbles on, in part, along with some old posts.

You’ll see that the first iteration of the vizsla icon in the lower-right corner has lived on. Incidentally, the real version also turned nine this year.

Happy birthday Bobulate.