It is solved by motion

It is solved by motion

Craig Mod on why he climbs:

Climbing is meditation. I’ve long since realized this is why I’m drawn to this kind of activity.

By ‘meditation’ I mean, having space to think. Feeling an emptiness in the mind that enables you to consider solutions to tough problems, or not-so-tough problems, or just, god forbid, to relax. I find I need doses of this space in regular intervals. …. There is even a phrase in Latin — solvitur ambulando — meaning, “it is solved by walking”.

A taxi driver from the Newark airport last night — a long drive — asked me, “Do you drive?” Yes, I replied, but I no longer have a car. Too much of a hassle in the city. I let him know, however, that when I let go of my car ten years ago, I let go of my place to think. I used to think in motion, and the car represented that motion. Thinking places have been transferred, in part to subways, in part to morning runs. These feel like whitespace between busy and quiet, between public and private, making room for thoughts. Thinking that I intend, not the sort that you punctuate others’ with.

It turned out this driver, originally from Haiti, hasn’t been able to get home to see his family — a tradition each year in February. This taxi is his place in motion.