Entrepreneurs of REM

Entrepreneurs of REM

Two college-aged entrepreneurs, Arun Gupta and Greg Nemeth, stumbled upon a notion about sleep:

[D]uring the night, most commonly when we go into and out of REM sleep, we wake up, roll over, perhaps grunt, and then go back to sleep. [A sleep expert] admits he has yet to gather the data that would confirm his theory, but he has observed the phenomenon countless times over his decades of research.

And then:

Gupta and Nemeth seized on the idea, reasoning that — if [the sleep expert] is right — there are two or three dozen ideal moments within REM sleep when people can wake up and feel their best. The trick was to build an alarm that could identify these peaks. So: If a peak took place during the wearer’s chosen wake-up window, say between 7:40 and 8:00 a.m., a signal would go out via Bluetooth to the wearer’s cellphone, which would wake him or her at the ideal moment for springing out of bed.

The story of alarm clock entrepreneurs told through tennis, brainstorming, college drop outs, and the incessant pursuit of an idea — feeling one’s best.