Blank pages of the sidewalk

Blank pages of the sidewalk

The city of Saint Paul is stamping poems into their sidewalks:

Sidewalks are the blank pages of our city as a book. If you look closely, however, you see traces of text, such as Knutson Construction or Standard Sidewalk, stamped discreetly into some of the panels. I wondered if we could borrow this simple stamping idea, enlarge the stamp to a prominent size, and give our poets this everyday public space for writing.


Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk … works in tandem with the City’s sidewalk maintenance program and installs poetry where City sidewalks are replaced. In its first year, the project has the goal of one hundred stampings of twenty poems written by Saint Paul residents.

Read the poems or see a map of the sidewalks (or the blank pages, depending on your perspective).