The return of Dot Dot Dot

The return of Dot Dot Dot

Announcing the reintroduction of the Dot Dot Dot Lecture Series, a monthly event as part of the MFA Interaction Design program, with next week’s “The Storytellers:”

People are natural storytellers, and as interaction designers, it’s our job to navigate the relationship between people and the objects they use every day. Is there a story that is unfolding between people and their products? Are stories organic? How do they emerge? Do interfaces tell a story? Should we be designing with a narrative in mind? Join us to hear short lectures from four very different perspectives on the story and our role in it.

Four speakers give four talks in forty minutes, and the range is wide — a writer and graphics editor from The Onion will reveal how they choose stories to an interaction designer from Local Projects sharing his narrative and interface design work on the project.

When people are talking about something they know well and do well, they’re almost always interesting.

That’s Malcolm Gladwell on how to find stories. And next week, we’re holding an event where we get to dive into where interestingness begins: storytelling.

Come join us in Brooklyn on Wednesday, Jan 13. Hope to see you there!