Detail number 900

Detail number 900

Dave Eggers on reading:

I used to get The Onion every week at 21st and Valencia, a couple blocks from our office, and when you stopped printing it for San Francisco, it was a very dark day for me, because I don’t enjoy reading online. I just feel like it’s two separate things. When I’m doing work online or on the computer, it’s one thing. When I want to read, I want to go elsewhere, and I want to be away from the screen. … I just have an affection for paper, and that’s no secret, I guess.

On the surprises that emerged from working on the San Francisco Panorama, the quarterly literary magazine McSweeney’s did in Sunday-style newspaper format for just one issue:

The fact that there are so many details — you know that there’s gonna be that many details — I’ve put out magazines and I’ve worked on newspapers. But when you have a team of five, which is really what we had, and you have to do all of these different things, it just seems to never end. I can’t count the number of times when we were about to send a section to press and we realized we didn’t have any page numbers on it. It was detail number 900. If we were gonna do it again, we’d have templates for all these sections.

For the record, there are 320 pages of content.