Marking time

We mark time in different ways. From candles to elephants, our history with tracking time is as varied as it is long. School terms were once such device, and for those teaching or studying again, it becomes a comfortable marker, a return to familiar marking of time.

Today, dozens of projects, 28 guest lecturers, 23 faculty, 18 students, seven courses, three staff, and one studio later, we’ve reached the end of our first semester in the new program. There’s much yet to do.

I continue to be astonished at the immense creativity of the first-year class of this inaugural program, and waves go out to them as they rest between terms. And just as soon as it started, we’re preparing for the second incoming class. Applications for fall 2010 are due in just under three weeks. We’ll start again with a new iteration.

Before we do, a pause for a quick couple of updates:

Student projects

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting students’ work from first semester online, so events and activities of the first term can be more public.

Lecture series

From the wisdom of Scott Thomas to the revelations of Callie Neylan and the team to the generosity of Andy Budd, fall 2009 saw 12 guest lecturers sharing what they know. Most recently available is Matt Mullenweg’s fireside chat with me.

Dot Dot Dot

Our public series, features four speakers a night. We’ve hosted 16 this year, from Brendan Dawes to Clive Thompson to Sylvia Harris. Our next is starting up again January 13.

For now, we’ll celebrate and mark this time before moving on.