Math and lollipops

Being asked to write regarding something quite specific is always a relief. Just like I’ve always been a better at playing classical music than jazz, at printing rather than cursive, constraints are remarkably welcome, and doubly so when time is tight. Given the intersection of candy, October, and time, Jason’s offer was pretty easy.

I wrote about the Tootsie Pop.

Candy is not mathematics. That is sort of the whole point really. It was a pause from school uniforms and black marble notebooks. But the geometry and constraints of the Tootsie Pop were unequivocally appealing to a young mind. Namely: the best stuff is contained on the interior of a structure that one is capable of getting to, but should not get to, in the intuitive sense. One must take the slow route — by licking.

After seeing the illustration, you might wonder about it, an equation supporting the mathematics behind exponential growth and decay. (Thx Aaron.)

Thanks to Jason for inviting me.