Typedia Live

Yesterday was a landmark day for type (and type enthusiasts everywhere), as Typedia, a shared encyclopedia of typefaces, was unveiled. Typedia has been in development since 2006 when Jason Santa Maria first had the idea, and I’ve been watching him masterfully pull together the project since.

It’s really an honor to have been part of this kind of team, having the privilege to watch structure and design unfold as ideas and form take shape. Weighing in on features like the Forum (how much do people want to participate?), the Add section (how many fields are too many?), and Good Deeds (how can we engage people to add more?) were enormously interesting to be a part of early on.

The Typedia logotype, designed by John Langdon. The story behind the design in full disclosure here.

The team is planning more posts to explain the information architecture-to-design process in detail in weeks to come. For now, I’m delighted to watch it grow, so if you’re one of the few who hasn’t taken a look yet, you can follow Typedia on Twitter, or if you want to give feedback directly, drop the team a line.

Thanks to Jason for including me in the project!