Life in Perpetual Beta

Melissa Pierce, the documentary filmmaker who is exploring the link between authenticity and creativity, recently sat me down to inquire about my own take on the matter for her upcoming film, Life in Perpetual Beta. Whether there is a link between finding what is authentic and what is creative, I’m still not certain.

To me, part of the answer is vaguely reminiscent of John Dewey’s pursuit of the link between perception and recognition, a topic I’ve brought up too many times to mention again here. For my own creative moves forward, however, I know I’m remaining authentic if I don’t get too comfortable, which it seems became the focus for the cut for the film clip here.

Rough edit for the blog, featuring my dog Lucy.

I was thrilled to spend time with Melissa, Adrienne Brawley, and Jane Quigley. A fine group of film enthusiasts who surely had a lot to teach me on the value of intuition. More on the project here.