How Not To Get Noticed

Later today, I’ll be giving a talk at WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco on “How Not To Get Noticed,” an analysis of the usability for WordPress. The analysis is part of a larger project I’ve been working on over the past few months, and I’m excited to talk about it with the people attending.

Yesterday was focused primarily on user topics, while today is focused on developer topics. Since I’m always brought into a project as the user advocate, it’s different for me to be speaking on developer day. But since the users I’ve been concerned with are developers themselves, it makes great sense.

Attending WordCamp versus other kinds of conferences has been like the difference between attending graduate versus undergraduate school. With undergraduate education, students are there because their parents paid for them to be there; not everyone is there by choice. But in graduate school, everyone has chosen to be there—it’s not required—so everyone’s really into it. WordCamp is kind of like that. Because the cost is so low, there is probably a lower number of people here who’ve been sent by their company or feel like they have to be here. It’s quite awesome.

If you stay around for the afternoon sessions today, please say hello!

The slides from the presentation are now available.

John Pozadzides is also starting to post videocasts of the all the presentations. There’s lots of good stuff here, so take a look!