Loosely Joined

For the first time, I’m attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, and I’m sleepless with excitement. And I’ve found myself involved in a few things. First, “Traditional Design and New Technology,” a panel that kicks off the conference on Saturday at 10 AM, is promising to be a fantastic discussion. Without giving too much away, the panel sets out to examine the principles and approaches that have been consistent (and dissonant) between traditional design (graphic design) and new technology (web design). I’m just thrilled to be moderating for this superstar panel— Jason Santa Maria, Khoi Vinh, Mark Boulton, and Toni Greaves.

With a different group, I’ve been taking part to craft another discussion that examines some prickly issues. “Wild Web Wrestling: Standardzilla vs Tabelella,” the idea of the renowned Glenda Sims, will pit website against website in the ring, evaluating them for accessibility, mobility, and usability. The esteemed panel includes Bob Regan, Giorgio Brajnik, and Steve Guengerich, who I am already learning a lot from. You will too!

Monday brings more fun! I’m going to be interviewing Peter Morville, author of Ambient Findability, for Studio SX, an interview studio in which select SXSW Interactive Festival speakers are part of recorded conversations (See 2005 Studio SX). Peter and I have done some interviews before for Voice and Boxes and Arrows, so I’m quite looking forward to discussing these concepts again through the SXSW-audience lens. To ensure the findability of these interviews, they’ll be posted on the site.